3 Super Stocking Stuffers from NeighborWorks of Western Vermont

3 Super Stocking Stuffers from NeighborWorks of Western Vermont

This holiday season, save yourself the stress of worrying about finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

We’ve rounded up three of our services that fit right into a stocking and are sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

1. We Can Fix It: Home Maintenance Course for Women

We Can Fix It: Home Maintenance Education for Women is the perfect holiday gift. It says, “I love you,” and also, “Stop calling your parents to fix the leak under the sink.”

We’ve moved into a new interactive office space customized for hands-on practice in a real life scenarios and, to meet the pent up demand that we’ve tapped into, we’ve scheduled TWO courses for January.

This year, challenge the status quo and sign up for this innovative, empowering, and FUN home maintenance course taught by a woman, for women.

The course is offered for $50 (for those who have tools at home) and $99 with a toolbox (a $150 value!).

How to Purchase:

Go ahead and sign up here. Please take a moment to read the brief instructions on signing up – we usually use the customer portal for Homebuyer Education, and it’s a little clunky for this application. Make up answers for the questions that don’t apply to you or the recipient, and don’t worry about filing in any of the profile information.

If you’d rather have a gift certificate so they can choose the course that works best for them, give us a call at 802-438-2303 or email [email protected] subject line, “We Can Fix It Gift Certificate.”

2. A Homebuyer Education Class

Are you a former empty nester that wishes the Millennial would move out of the basement?

We’ve got the perfect gift for you: Homebuyer Education.

For $75, you could get back your peaceful mornings. We know you love them, but we’re betting you wouldn’t mind having a few minutes walk or drive in between the two of you. After all, a [little] distance makes the heart grow fonder.

If you’re currently renting, give a Homebuyer Education Certificate to a friend and sign up for the course together. There’s nothing better than having a friend go through the process with you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

How to Purchase:

Call or email us today for a gift certificate: 802-438-2303 or email [email protected], subject line: “Homebuyer Education Certificate.”

If you’d rather go ahead and sign them up for a course, you can do so here. Just skip the questions you don’t have the answer to and they’ll be able to edit those later.

3. Home or Business HEAT Squad Energy Audit

Have a family member or friend who you dread visiting in the winter because their house is so chilly? This holiday season, surprise them with a HEAT Squad energy audit.

It’s a $150 gift that will empower them with the knowledge to make healthy and safe decisions about their homes and won’t pressure them into anything.

Our same-day energy audit reports include no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency measures tailored to their home so if they’re keeping the house cool because they’re on a tight budget, an energy audit will help them understand where to target in their home to keep it warmer without spending money.

Check out an inside peek at a HEAT Squad Energy Audit!

And speaking of frugal Vermonters (isn’t that almost all of us?), our HEAT Squad customers enjoy an average savings of $900 a year in energy costs.

This is a great gift for the homeowners in your life that want to save money, save the planet, live in a healthy home, or all three!

How to Purchase:

Give us a call today at 802-438-2303 or email [email protected] subject line, “HEAT Squad Energy Audit Gift Certificate.”

If you’re interested in learning some budgeting tips for the holidays, check out our “Ten tips for Staying Within Budget through the Holidays.”

Happy holidays from all of us at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont!