What Is Compass

NeighborWorks Compass

What is Compass?

Addison, Bennington, or Rutland Counties

A Tool That Helps!

Compass is a tool that helps you collect all of your important financial data in one place and provides you with the roadmap necessary to gain sustainable homeownership.

Helps us picture your goals!

Compass allows the staff at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont to gain a full picture of your goals and communicate with you during your lending, home buying or educational process. 

How Can You Get started?

Create your private account with Compass. Follow the instructions to “create a new account”. Creating an account may take a while – don’t get frustrated! This will make you better prepared and more informed.

Once you have created an account with compass, you will be provided with a series of questions about what you want to do, for instance: take a financial education class, apply for a home mortgage loan, or request a home renovation loan.

• We’ll ask you about your goals.

• We’ll get you ready to talk to a lender by asking you some questions about your finances.

• All questions being asked are typical of the lending process.

• Your account is secure and private and your data is only available to NeighborWorks of Western Vermont personnel who are working with you to help you meet your goal.

Are You Ready to Get Started and Begin Your Steps to Sustainable Homeownership?

Compass is Mobile Friendly – Meaning It’s Available On All of Your Devices!
NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Compass allows you to schedule classes and appointments, share documents, answer burning questions and inquire about services we offer, all at the tip of your fingers! 
With NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Compass you’re securely connected to a team of home-purchase specialists who will work with you on your home-buying goals – wherever you are, whenever you want.

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Are you interested in talking with a NeighborWorks of Western Vermont representative about homeownership, education, lending, home repair, or home energy efficiency?