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Foreclosure eCourse + Resources

When It Comes to Your Home, Don’t Wait.

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We provide information, education, and guidance to homeowners about Foreclosure Prevention.

Take an online Foreclosure Prevention class. This optional class covers your rights as a homeowner, reviews foreclosure timelines, and helps you understand your options so you know what to expect. 

Other Resources:

Where can I get help preventing foreclosure?

If you have been served a foreclosure summons by a Sheriff, you must give the court a written response within 21 days of when the Sheriff served the papers. If you can, get legal help when you write your response to the court. Click here for a sample template and instructions for completing the answer. If the packet includes a form that says you have a right to mediation, complete the form and send to the court with your answer. Mediation will put the foreclosure case on hold. The court will send you a list of mediators to choose from and you will work with the bank and a neutral person called a mediator. If you provide the requested financial information, the bank has to consider you for any options that may be available to you that could help you save your home or prevent foreclosure.

If you need help with your answers, contact Legal Aid (802) 775-0021 for assistance. If you have additional questions, contact us at 802-438-2303.

Where can I get help if I am
behind on my reverse mortgage?

National Council on Aging: 1-800-510-0301

CredAbility: 1-888-395-2664

Money Management International: 1-866-765-3328

National Foundation for Credit Counseling: 1-866-363-2227

NeighborWorks America: 1-888-990-4326

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