Homebuyer Education

Are you considering buying a home?

Understanding the fundamentals of the home buying process can reduce anxiety and improve your home buying experience. At NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, we offer Homebuyer Education classes every month.

Along with being more prepared to maneuver through the homebuying process, an additional benefit of receiving Homebuyer Education is that you become eligible for numerous financial perks, including:

  • Down-payment assistance programs
  • Grants up to $25,000 or more
  • Closing-cost assistance

Homebuyer Education – Schedule

You can see a schedule of classes on our NeighborWorks Compass website.

Learn what you don’t know about the homebuying process today!

Class Fees

The class fee is $99.00 per household for in-person classes ($99 for online). Fee includes: workbook, informational materials and your personal credit report (received at later appointment). We are unable to waive the workshop fee.

Attending Homebuyer Education does not guarantee you a mortgage loan. Class dates are subject to change.

Convenient Class Locations

Classes are held throughout Addison, Bennington, and Rutland counties. You can see a schedule of classes and locations on our NeighborWorks Compass website.

Homebuyer Education Topics

  • Your readiness to buy
  • Budgeting and Credit
  • Shopping for a home
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Home inspections and insurance
  • Life after closing
  • Information about grants, subsidies, and special loan products

Homebuyer Education – Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up for a Homebuyer Education class, please follow the directions to create an account in NeighborWorks Compass or call (802) 438-2303 to enroll today!

Homebuyer Education – Online

Follow the link below to create an account on the NeighborWorks Compass portal and sign up for your online Homebuyer Education Class. For online Homebuyer Education participants there is a required one-hour meeting with the homeownership counselor.

Lenders that offer discounts for Homebuyer Education graduates

  • VSECU: waives their $375 underwriting fee on mortgage loans made to Homebuyer Education Graduates who present their certificates in 2017
  • PrimeLending: offers $250 of the closing costs to borrowers who present an official NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Homebuyer Education Certificate on standard USDA loans (but not if the borrower is using the VHFA with USDA).
  • Northeast Home Loan: offers a $250 credit to first-time homebuyers that complete Homebuyer Education for Home Possible Loans.
  • NBT Bank: offers $200 to Homebuyer Education graduates towards closing costs
  • Bank of Bennington: offers a $100 discount off from the appraisal for 2017 graduates of Homebuyer Education (contingent upon home purchase in 2017).
  • People’s United Bank: offers a $100 discount off closing costs for Homebuyer Education graduates

Meet our Presenters

About Homebuyer Education Class

Homebuyer Education is a nationally recognized course taught by a nationally certified instructor. Classes are taught as a full-day course on Saturday (eight hours) or as evening sessions during the week (two four-hour sessions). All classes provide breaks – including a lunch break. Feel Free to bring a bag lunch or go to a nearby eatery.

We encourage you to take Homebuyer Education in person if you can. In-person classes have guest presenters such as Realtors, insurance agents, lenders, and home inspectors. These professionals offer the inside scoop on the home buying process and will share valuable advice in their area of expertise.

You will have free access to our expert home buying coach after you complete the class. You can meet with her as many or as few times as you would like throughout your home buying experience. NeighborWorks® will also provide you with an official Homebuyer Education certificate.

Knowing Your Homeownership Numbers

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Are you interested in talking with a NeighborWorks of Western Vermont representative about our classes? Contact us to find out which class is appropriate for you.

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