Project VISION and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont

Community Collaboration in Rutland

Project VISION is a coalition of a diverse group of community members and local organizations in Rutland, Vermont that seeks to empower our community, strengthen our neighborhoods, and change the future.

Community residents, housing organizations, churches, social services, non-profit organizations, public services, healthcare, and school representatives are all present at Project VISION meetings. Project VISION aims to facilitate collaboration between all community stakeholders, breaking down the silos that too often prevent communities from effective communication and teamwork.

From substance abuse prevention to community revitalization, Project VISION is helping to reshape the future of Rutland, Vermont and make it one of the healthiest, safest, and happiest places in America!

Collaboration for the Greater Good

Project VISION is a monthly sharing space, where community residents, public services, and organizations become partners in brainstorming new initiatives and strengthening existing efforts.

Since 2013, the collaborations inspired by Project VISION meetings have resulted in annual block parties around Rutland, a reduction in burglaries of 60%, and the building of a new park on a formerly blighted corner.

Project VISION’s aim to address the roots of issues facing Rutland makes it a long-term initiative. When communities struggle, whatever the cause, a unique opportunity exists to look past immediate needs and focus on long-term recovery.

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont and Project VISION Working Together

Project VISION and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont are committed to seizing this opportunity to build a resilient community with a vibrant economy, employment opportunities, strong businesses, and a stable housing market in which families want to invest.

Resilient communities are built to last so that when challenges and disruptions happen, the resources and infrastructure are in place to help them bounce back in sustainable ways.

Renewed Focus on The Positive

When Project VISION began in 2013, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont was present and active. Along with other local housing agencies, we created and set goals and objectives to increase homeownership and neighborhood stability because we understood the importance of these as vital community investments.

Since 2013, we have teamed up with the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department, the Rutland Redevelopment Agency, the City of Rutland, the Police Department, the Rutland Regional Medical Center, the Rutland County Housing Trust, local churches, devoted community residents, and many more to achieve the goals we set.

Many of these collaborations would not have existed without the coordination and cooperation that Project VISION facilitates between diverse community stakeholders.

Together, our accomplishments include:

At Work in Northwest Rutland

Recent projects for community revitalization include the rehabilitation of two properties in the Northwest Neighborhood located on Baxter Street and Pine Street. Two historic and charming homes that were in dire need of repair are now being renovated into safe and beautiful homes ready for new owners!

Other community wide efforts include Baxter Street Park, which opened to the community in June 2016. Located in the heart of the Northwest Rutland neighborhood, the park serves as a wonderful community and green space for local residents.

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Programs

If you would like to be part of strengthening our community through homeownership and revitalization we have many programs that can help!

If you are hoping to become a homeowner and could benefit from education as well as financial assistance, we have Homebuyer Education Classes taught locally, as well as affordable loan programs.

If you’re already a homeowner or landlord and would like to make improvements we offer many rehabilitation loans as well as energy upgrade loans.

Do you want to participate in strengthening your community and get to know your neighbors? Visit the Project VISION website to learn more and get involved.