One-on-One Financial Coaching

Are you:

Saving for a home?

Trying to tackle your student loans?

Interested in getting ahead of your monthly bills?

We can help with one-on-one financial coaching.

What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching takes a holistic and individualized perspective of each client. The ultimate goal of coaching is that clients become more capable at managing their finances in the marketplace. Coaching helps clients to realize what they do well, and how to improve what they want to do better.

This is a strengths-based approach that does not seek to correct or “fix” certain financial practices. Starting with strengths is not unique to financial coaching, but the focus on strengths potentially can support clients to become better at managing their personal finances.

Our Financial Coach will help you:

  • Review your credit report
  • Set SMART goals
  • Create an Action Plan to achieve your goals
  • Create a budget
  • Determine a Road Map to Success
  • Update your Action Plan

Meet our Financial Coach:

Nancy is certified in credit counseling, financial health counseling, and pre- and post-purchase counseling so that she can help people look at the big picture and make informed decisions based on their individual or family needs.

Her goal is to make sure that Vermonters have the knowledge, education, and tools to meet whatever financial goals they may have, even if it is not homeownership.

How do I sign up for Financial Coaching?!

We offer free one-on-one financial coaching to graduates of Homebuyer Education. Even if your short-term goal is not homeownership, coaching is still available for $25 plus credit report fee and will give you an essential overview of budgeting and financial wellness.

Sign up for a Homebuyer Education Class today or for just a financial coaching appointment, call our office at 802-438-2303.