NeighborWorks Classes

NeighborWorks Classes

Homebuyer Education

Understanding the fundamentals of the home buying process can reduce anxiety and improve your home buying experience. At NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, we offer home homebuyer education classes throughout Western Vermont.

Financial Capabilities

NeighborWorks can offer Financial Capabilities as one eight-hour class or as a two-part class in four hour sessions is an eight-hour course for a fee to any employer, community group or organization that wants to offer this to their employees, members, or customers Giving them the gift of knowledge and resources they need to make great financial decisions.

Foreclosure eCourse and Local Resources

At NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, we can help connect you to resources for foreclosure prevention.Are you interested in talking with a NeighborWorks of Western Vermont representative about homeownership, education, lending, home repair, or home energy efficiency? Contact us!