Financial Capabilities Class

Financial Capability Education for Your Employees, Group, or Members

NeighborWorks can offer Financial Capabilities as one eight-hour class or as a two-part classes in four hour sessions for a fee. These classes are offered to any employer, community group or organization that wants to provide this to their employees, members, or customers. The NeighborWorks Financial Capibilities classes Give the gift of knowledge and resources people need to make great financial decisions.

What will they learn in the Financial Capabilities Class?

Part 1: Reaching Your Financial Goals

  • How to develop– and stick to– a financial plan
  • How to reach financial goals
  • Wants vs. needs
  • Financial crisis management

Part 2: Saving and Investing

  • Strategies to reduce spending and increase income
  • Identifying savings tools and resources
  • The difference between and importance of savings and investing

Part 3: All About Credit

  • Pros and cons of credit
  • How to establish, rebuild, and maintain good credit
  • How to protect your credit
  • Bankruptcy

Part 4: Your Own Home

  • Getting ready to apply for a mortgage
  • Determining your price range
  • How insurance protects against potential losses
  • Tax credits and benefits for childcare, education, and home ownership

When & Where:

We can offer Financial Capabilities Class at our West Rutland offices or at a location of your choice.


The fee is $20 per participant and includes a free one-on-one coaching session once they have completed the class.

Class Schedule:

Classes will be scheduled in conjunction with each group requesting this service. If you are interested in having this service offered to one of your groups or employees, please contact Nancy Gilman at 802-797-8607 or [email protected]

Financial Capability Education for Individuals

Would You Like to Take Charge of Your Finances?

Learning the basics on financial management can help you build a strong financial life and can help you plan for your future.


When & Where:

Financial Capability classes for individuals is available online only.


The fee is $75 per participant and includes a free one-on-one coaching session once you have completed the class.


Sign Up:

If you are interested in our Financial Capabilities Class, please follow the directions to create an account on NeighborWorks Compass system. To register for class, you only need to set up a username and password.

When creating a profile, you will be asked how much you spend on debt each month, your gross monthly income, your approximate credit score, and how much you have saved.

Creating an account takes just a few minutes once you gather your information. You’ll be better prepared and more informed when you move on to the next step


Have Any Questions?

Have questions about the process? Feel free to call or contact NeighborWorks of Western Vermont.

When you create a profile on NeighborWorks Compass you will be able to sign up for the Financial Capabilities class and gain access to additional services provided by NeighborWorks of Western Vermont.

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