Success Stories: NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Rutland Herald Article

Published in the Rutland Herald, January 29, 2021. To read the article as published, visit:

This is part of a series of articles focused on the area nonprofit community and the impact on our region.

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (NWWVT) is a community development nonprofit serving Addison, Rutland, and Bennington Counties. Our mission is twofold: to strengthen the development of our region’s economy by promoting safe, efficient, and stable housing, and to help individuals develop self-reliance through education, technical assistance, and financial services.

Having a roof over your head provides a feeling of safety and comfort–but that doesn’t happen when that roof is leaking, making your home a health hazard due to potential mold and mildew growth and damaging the interior. One family that NWWVT worked with had much pride in being able to purchase a home after a house fire made them homeless. The family later discovered their manufactured home had large leaks in the roof. The homeowner was not getting any assistance and came to NWWVT for guidance and help. Having just purchased the home, the family was not prepared financially to replace the roof and sought a HOME Repair Loan from NWWVT. This family now has a new secure roof and their home is safe and cozy.

When home repairs become too overwhelming, it takes a team to meet those needs. A historic home had been burning thirteen cords of wood each year through the use of two old, inefficient woodstoves, had three large holes in the roof that leaked, active knob and tube wiring throughout the house which presents a potential fire hazard, and no potable water source. Through the efforts of NWWVT and two other organizations, both woodstoves were replaced with EPA certified efficient stoves, both chimneys were repaired and brought up to code, heat pumps were installed, the slate roof was repaired in its entirety, a new drilled well along with a heat pump hot water heater was installed, and new code-compliant electrical system after the removal of the knob and tube wiring was completed. NWWVT was there to provide a hand up, helping at every step.

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont is committed to sustainable, efficient homeownership and here to assist Vermonters in living healthy, safe lives. For more information about our services, visit our website at or call our office at 802-438-2303.

Svea Howard, Communications & Outreach Coordinator, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont