NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Executive Director Job Opening

Executive Director Job Description

The mission of NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (NWWVT) is to strengthen the development of a regional economy by promoting safe, efficient, and stable housing, and community projects through education, technical assistance, and financial services. NWWVT helps individuals develop self-reliance through education, counseling, technical and financial services.

The Executive Director provides the foundation for NeighborWorks of Western Vermont. The Executive Director offers strong leadership, a clear vision, and is responsible for protecting and building the resources that support the mission of the organization. The Executive Director works under the direction of, and in collaboration with, the Board of Directors. The Executive Director shall comply with Board policies and shall submit to the Board of Directors such reports, analyses, statistics, plans, and other information as may be required from time to time, and shall assist the Treasurer in the preparation of its annual budget. NWWVT is a member of NeighborWorks® America with Exemplary Status and a Community Development Fund Institution. Responsibilities of the Executive Director include:

  • Promote NWWVT in the community and region and form partnerships with other organizations:
    1. Create and sustain partnerships with other housing and community development nonprofits, and with intermediaries such as the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Housing Vermont, NeighborWorks® America, and the NeighborWorks® Alliance of Vermont.
    2. Communicate with community associations, housing advocates and coalitions.
    3. Develop and maintain relationships with local media.
    4. Develop and maintain relationships with elected officials and municipal staff.
    5. Develop and maintain relationships with lenders and grant funders.
    6. Develop relationships with new or emerging partners
  • Staff supervision and development:
    1. Motivate and inspire a high-performing team, providing leadership, training/professional development, and mentoring to the staff. Attract and retain talent to strengthen NWWVT’s growth.
    2. Ensure all staff has annual performance evaluations.
    3. Ensure that staff receives adequate training and job development opportunities.
    4. Provide direct supervision and support of senior management and support with oversight for all staff.
    5. Annually review the benefits package with all staff.
    6. Schedule and facilitate regular staff meetings to provide information sharing and promote open communications between all staff.
  • Board Development and Relationship:
    1. Maintain open and regular communication with Board members.
    2. Develop a constructive partnership with the Board of Directors.
    3. Develop a unique partnership with the Board President and maintain regular communication outside of monthly Board meetings.
    4. Schedule and attend monthly Board meetings and participate in Board Committee meetings.
    5. Work with the Board in setting organizational goals, strategic planning, program evaluation, and problem-solving.
    6. Serve as liaison between the Board and the rest of the organization’s staff.
  • Financial Management:
    1. Develop and maintain financial planning policies and principles to ensure the long-term fiscal health of the organization including ensuring all debt obligations remain in compliance with contractual requirements.
    2. Develop annual operating and program budgets. Work with the Treasurer, Executive Committee, and Director of Finance to prepare the annual budget. Regularly monitor budget-to-actual reports.
    3. Provide oversight and coordination of program and organizational finances and systems. Work with the Board, auditor, Treasurer, and Director of Finance to ensure that financial management systems are appropriate and effective. Recommend policies and procedures.
    4. Provide timely and accurate reports to the Board.
  • Program Administration:
    1. Oversee all program activities, including housing development, fundraising, revolving loan fund, asset and property management, and homeownership center. Conduct regular program evaluations.
    2. Prepare organizational operation plans, business plans and work plans.
    3. Work with Board, Project Managers and staff to ensure that all projects meet organizational goals, mission and funding criteria.
    4. Provide timely and accurate reports to funders and lenders.
  • Resource Development:
    1. Identify and solicit public and private funding opportunities.
    2. Prepare and/or supervise the preparation of grant applications and reports.
    3. Develop and/or sustain relationships with funders at both the public and private level.
  • Other: Perform other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Commitment to Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI)

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont is on an intentional journey to become a leader among the anti-racism and social justice movements in Rutland County and beyond. The Executive Director must demonstrate a strong commitment to REDI both within and outside the organization. The Executive Director must be willing to work with the Board to develop creative solutions that bring individuals with unique and diverse perspectives into the organization in an effort to strengthen the mission.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Position requires a relevant Bachelor’s Degree and 5-7 years of experience or equivalent combination of experience and education. Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred: real estate/project development, affordable housing, lending, financial management, nonprofit management, knowledge of state and federal grant sources, and management of an organization in growth.

The Executive Director must be a natural leader who believes that ALL Vermonters have a right to safe, affordable housing and be able to effectively advocate for them at the local, State, and National levels. Desired traits include:

  • Visionary: The Executive Director sees the work as an exciting challenge yet is passionate and committed to the growth of the organization. The Executive Director has the ability to imagine the future while providing leadership in the present. The Executive Director is willing to take risks to bring about creative solutions to housing challenges that impact rural Vermonters and encourage others around them to do the same. The Executive Director can strategically recruit and encourage collaboration among partners that help make the organization’s vision a reality. The Executive Director understands that the staff is the organization’s most significant asset and empowers them to build on their own strengths, be innovative, and take risks.
  • Strong Communicator: The Executive Director is an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills who can swiftly adapt to new situations. The Executive Director can easily navigate conversations with service users, Board members, funders, and/or policymakers, among others. The Executive Director is able to bring all voices to the table and moderate conversations while keeping equity and inclusion at the forefront.
  • Trustworthy and a Person of Integrity: The Executive Director can build an environment of trust, yet is able to be direct and effectively present information in an unvarnished manner. The Executive Director takes pride in being an honest and truthful person that can admit mistakes, keep confidence, and maintain a high standard of ethics.
  • Adaptable: The Executive Director enjoys working in an environment that is constantly changing. The Executive Director can handle difficult situations without letting fear or intimidation hold them back. The Executive Director can make quick, yet strategic decisions to keep the health of the organization intact.


NeighborWorks of Western Vermont is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, national origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, religion, disability, age, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, positive HIV-related blood test results or any other status protected by the state or federal law.


The Executive Director is a full-time, exempt position with a salary range of $115,000-$125,000, depending on experience. NWWVT offers a generous benefits package that includes medical, dental, life and accident insurance, long term disability, 401(k), vacation and paid holidays.


Application Requirements: cover letter, resume, 3 references with contact information and a 1-page writing sample.


Job Category: Managerial

Travel Required: 25%

Posted Date: 12/1/2020

Closing Date: 12/31/2020 or until filled


Contact Information:

Contact Person: Elizabeth Wallace

Email[email protected]