Summer Essentials For Homeowners

Summer Essentials For Homeowners

If you bought a house or moved last winter, you may not know what this summer may bring for your new home. Now that it’s summer, it’s time to evaluate your home and do some maintenance. While all homes have general upkeep as well as particular things to your home, we wanted you to know what the essentials were for any home as you look to make any repairs this summer.

dryer filter

Inside Your Home

  • Get your chimney cleaned. It’s slow-season for the cleaners so they will be able to clean your chimney quickly and you don’t have to freeze while you turn off all of your heat.
  • Clean all of your filters! Make sure you’re cleaning your air conditioner’s filters at least once a month. This will prevent mold and other toxins from blowing around your home. It will also help you to avoid respiratory issues. Summer is a good time to clean ALL of your filters – from air conditioners to heat pumps.
  • To help keep your cooling bills low (and prepare for the winter months), replace weather stripping on your windows and doors.
  • As the heat and humidity rise, so does the risk of mold in your home. Check your water systems for leaks and that they are configured for efficiency. Keep an eye out for any roof leaks or dampness in your home.
  • Clean out the dryer vent and exhaust duct. This is where many house fires begin!


Outside Your Home

  • Summer is the perfect time to be spending lazy days on your porch or deck. Make sure it is a safe and relaxing place for you and your family. Fix any structural issues, hammer in any nails that might stick out, replace rotting boards, and then reseal or restain if needed.
  • Check your outside play equipment. Be sure nothing sharp is sticking out, that structure(s) are sturdy, and that any play equipment is on sturdy, even ground.
  • Protect your home from termites and other creatures. Cover any holes small animals can fit through (1/4 inch or bigger), trim tree branches back, seal your trash cans to avoid rodents, clean up twigs, leaves, and any non-tidy woodpiles and mow your lawn regularly.
  • Add a layer of mulch to your garden. It will not only help your plants fight off weeds but also make your garden look fresh.
  • Touch up your home’s exterior walls with a new coat of paint. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you could also do the trim. A fresh coat of paint on your home will make you feel satisfied and keep your home well maintained.
  • Clean any gutters and downspouts, especially if your property has lots of trees.
  • Inspect the “big” things like your roof, driveway, and fences to see if any repairs need to be made. This is especially important for new homeowners.

Need any help or have you spotted any potential projects that could use coordination? Call our Home Repair Coordinator for help in either identifying or planning out any home health or safety projects. While there are always more tasks on our lists, these are the key essentials that will leave you feeling confident about your home this summer.