Installing Heat Pumps: Picture by Picture

Installing Heat Pumps: Picture by Picture

Interested in installing heat pumps to heat and cool your home efficiently?

Residential heat pumps, also called “mini-splits,” are composed of an exterior unit and typically wall mounted interior units. The two or more units are connected by small refrigerant pipes.

Heat pumps use electricity to move air to cool and heat your home and provide an efficient lower cost alternative to most of the other fuels.

Check out this picture-by-picture compilation of heat pumps being installed on one of our customer’s homes.

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1. Outside unit stand placed

2. Inside unit hung on wall

3. Lineset from inside unit

4. Outside unit delivered

5. Outside unit installed

6. Lineset flare connection and gages and hoses.

7.  Installation of Linehide

8. Lineset connected

9. Lineset connected to outside unit

10. Flare connection made for lineset

11. Lineset, power feed and condensate drain line

12. Lineset connected to outside unit.

13. Flare connection made for lineset.

14. Lineset connection to outside unit

15. Evacuating moisture from lineset and breaking with nitrogen

16. Electrical connections to outside unit

17 . Moisture evacuated from lineset and breaking with nitrogen

18. Electrical disconnect switch installed for outside unit

19. Double pole breaker installed for heat pump

20. Spray foam placed around lineset hole in wall

21. Moisture evacuated from lineset

22. Evacuation pump

23. Gauges and vacuum gauge

24. Installed outside unit

25. Installed indoor unit