Public Planning Process for Water Street Park

Public Planning Process for Water Street Park

Water Street Park Community Input Sessions

After three input sessions, 8 preferences became clear. Stay tuned for the next meeting!


1) Path – one that is simple that can be easily mowed over. The example showed flat rocks set into grass.

2) Slide – there were 12 yes for a slide along with 5 pink (emphasis) and 7 no. This would be a slide built into the hill with natural features to get to the top.

3) Gate – preference was to move the gate and then close up the hole.

4) Swing – Preference was for a group swing. There were 14 votes for a swing and 6 against a swing. Two orange votes were given as a priority for no swing and 4 as a priority for a swing.

5) Raised bed – The garden bed was well received with 14 yes and only one no.

6) Edge of park – Preference was for a rain garden with a low bamboo type fence. We will need to work with DPW and Conservation District on this one.

7) Places to sit – Strong desire for a traditional bench.

8) Berry bushes – Strong preference for berry bushes with 15 yes plus 2 “pink” and 2 against.

Next steps

1) Do a site plan

2) Send site plan to Building and Zoning for permits (flood plain and building)

3) Cost estimates after permits approved

4) Meet to discuss fundraising, grants and potential phasing of project

5) Set community work days

Original Post:

This is a 3-part planning process consisting of three public meetings, organized by Rutland Recreation and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont. First, you’ll be invited to share if your vision for Water Street Park is active or passive. Then, you’ll be invited to comment on the components included in the park. Finally, you’ll review the park design.


July 20: Active vs. Passive Discussion

July 27: Choose Your Park’s Components

August 3: Review Your Park’s Design

Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Location: Water Street Park

There will be free grilled hot dogs and beverages offered at every meeting. These meetings are open to the public.

For more information, please email Shannon at [email protected].