Enter a Youth to Participate in TAG!

Enter a Youth to Participate in TAG!

TAG VISION will be a once-a-week commitment for a group of up to twelve 11-17 year olds throughout the summer, meeting for an hour and a half on the same weekday every week. The group of youth will begin meeting in mid-June and will continue meeting until September. TAG VISION’s steering committee will provide guidance in the first meeting, and then once the type of art (mural, sculpture, chainlink art) is selected by the youth, an expert will be hired who will provide the guidance and the steering committee will become volunteers.

This is a youth empowerment project, which is really exciting but is also hard to plan for because the major decisions are left to the youth – location, type of art, theme and appearance of the art. We have art experts we’ve recruited who are very passionate and have very different teaching styles – some want to organize feed trips to quarries to see where the rocks come from (sculpture), some are more into history and technique, etc. The expert will be hired when the youth have chosen their art type and location.

Here’s our presentation in from our community input session that provides some nice context and visuals : https://www.nwwvt.org/2017/08/22/tag-community-input-session-presentation/

To nominate a youth for participation, please email [email protected] with:

  • The youth’s name
  • The youth’s age,
  • The youth’s address,
  • The youth’s parent/guardian’s email
  • The youth’s parent/guardian’s phone number

Youth who can commit to the weekly meetings, who are between ages 11-17, and who live in Rutland City will be accepted on a rolling basis.