How is Project VISION helping to Improve the Future of Rutland, VT?

How is Project VISION helping to Improve the Future of Rutland, VT?

Project VISION And Rutland, VT

Made possible by the outstanding cooperation of committed local partners, Project VISION aims to reshape the future of Rutland, Vermont and make it, one of the healthiest, safest, and happiest places in America!

Just a few of the organizations helping drive positive change include the Rutland Redevelopment Authority, Rutland Police Department, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, Green Mountain Power, Community College of Vermont, Rutland Regional Medical Center, and many more organizations. Project VISION aims to continue to alleviate issues associated with crime, poverty and addiction by addressing the core problems facing Rutland.   


Substance abuse and addiction issues in Rutland have presented innumerable challenges to many families in the past but Project VISION is determined to provide the community with the comprehensive solutions to the problem.

In only three short years, Project VISION has managed to provide 900 suffering individuals with Subuxone and Methadone to reduce the severity of opiate withdrawals.

Just last year Governor Shumlin shared his plans to combat drug addiction in Rutland with Vivitrol also known as Naltrexone. Injected once a month, Vivitrol works by blocking the euphoria commonly associated with opioids. In concert with Subuxone and Methodone, this new medicine will go a long way to curb the rise of drug abuse in the community.

Blighted HousingProject VISION

By 2014, the total number of blighted properties in the northwest neighborhood was around 21 and the appetite among the community to find solutions was strong. Thanks to the efforts of the Rutland Redevelopment Authority and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, $1.25 million was provided by Gov. Peter Shumlin to replace or renovate up to half of the neighborhood’s blighted homes in four years time.

Project VISION has remained focused on achieving this goal and has already begun facilitating the restoration of at least three empty properties since 2014. NeighborWorks of Western Vermont offered help by purchasing seven homes in need of restoration and offers down payment or counseling services to families who need them.

With funds from the recently awarded community development grant, Project VISION partners will also revitalize community gardens, enforce vacant building ordinances, stabilize municipal taxes and improve public safety. Buildings that cannot be safely repaired will be demolished to make room for green spaces and parks.

To further encourage basic health, safety, and efficiency improvements to housing, NeighborWorks offers loans for infrastructure and cosmetic repairs. Landlords and homeowners can borrow money for landscaping, solar panel installation, roof replacement, driveway repaving and more.

Community Development

Project VISION works to bring the many different organizations in Rutland together to effectively engage the community directly through volunteer and involvement opportunities. By visiting the Project VISION website, residents are able to see all of the upcoming events as well as the specific need for helpers and volunteers to make it all possible.

Most recently, volunteers helped administer a survey of 200 residents in the northwest neighborhood. This survey, organized by NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, polls the residents about neighborhood specific issues.  The answers help to guide the revitalization efforts by responding to what residents would like to see improved or addressed.

Other examples for volunteer opportunities and community outreach exist through Neighbor Reach events where volunteers assist families in need of small repairs, cleaning or yard work. The opportunities are constantly updated and are found easily by visiting the Project VISION homepage and scrolling to the bottom.

Since the foundation of Project VISION, hundreds of volunteers and businesses have offered to assist in making Rutland a better place. Enthusiasm has spread so much that the motto “I Love Rutland” has become a mainstay, finding its way onto social media, radio broadcasts and television programs. “I Love Rutland” bumper stickers and t-shirts help to further cultivate an optimistic, forward thinking attitude.

Working for The Future

With the collective participation of community leaders, Project VISION will continue to work toward a better tomorrow.  The ongoing work of the Project VISION would not be possible without the strong support of caring Rutland families and businesses. Visit our Project VISION page for more information about how the organization is working in Rutland, VT. If you would like to help build a better community, visit Project VISION online to learn more about our mission.