The Baxter Street Slide: Pushing a Home into Place

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The Baxter Street Slide: Pushing a Home into Place

On January 15th, an exciting new development of community revitalization will be taking place in Northwest Rutland: a house, which had been a vacant property for three months, will be placed back onto it’s newly laid foundation.

That’s right: placed back onto its foundation. 59 Baxter Street, a two story home with a bright (and sturdy) future, was lifted and moved into the backyard where it sat for two weeks as the concrete was placed for the new foundation. It currently rests on wheels and steel high beams, waiting as the concrete cures.

In July of 2014, the City of Rutland received a $1.25 million implementation grant through the Vermont Community Development Program to be used for acquisition, demolition and rehabilitation of vacant and physically deteriorated properties in Northwest Rutland. NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (NWWVT), the subgrant recipient, has acquired four properties in the subsequent year and a half. Two are on their way to becoming single family homes, including 59 Baxter Street and a home around the corner at 120 Library Ave. The property on the corner of Library Ave and Baxter Street is becoming a new playground and park and 113 Library Ave is being razed and will become a city green space, reinvigorating the neighborhood with pride and beauty.

On Friday, NWWVT’s 59 Baxter Street property will be relocated back onto its new foundation. It will (quite literally) be pushed back onto the new foundation at 10:00 AM and the public is encouraged to join as NWWVT’s Construction Specialists Gregg Over and Ron Ryan attempt to roll the two story wood framed house from the backyard into it’s original position as the latest of NWWVT’s restoration projects coordinated with Project Vision.

NWWVT’s Executive Director Ludy Biddle is excited for the event. “We all make promises,” she commented, “and it’s fun to see that we’re all delivering. This is part of the larger Vision for the neighborhood.”

Scott Tucker, Executive Director of Project Vision, agreed. “Together,” he said, highlighting the fact that Project Vision is a coordination of a diverse group of community members and local organizations, “we’re building great neighborhoods. Project VISION members are very excited! Let’s keep the momentum going!”

Biddle also added that potential buyers are invited to view the property that will soon be for sale, as any buyers who move quickly will be involved in the interior design stages of the rehab.

The neighbors, community, and press are welcomed to cheer on Gregg and the construction crew at 10:00 AM, as well as mingle over coffee and tea at 59 Baxter Street in Northwest Rutland. A walking tour to NeighborWorks of Western Vermont’s three other properties in the neighborhood will take place promptly at 10:30.