Rutland Women's Shelter Becomes an eHome

For immediate release: July 21, 2015
Contact: Kristin Carlson, Director of Media

GMP Partners With Rutland Women’s Shelter To Help Save Money And Increase Comfort With eHome

Rutland, VT… Green Mountain Power today announced that it has partnered with the Rutland County Women’s Network & Shelter to help the organization get more energy efficient, save money and provide more comfortable living arrangements for its clients through the GMP eHome program.

“Helping the Rutland County Women’s Network & Shelter to become eHomes has been a really important project for the community,” said Mary Powell, President and CEO of Green Mountain Power. “This is a great example of how our energy transformation can help more than just homeowners, we can help businesses and area non-profits like the women’s shelter. These new eHomes will help the organization be more sustainable in the future. Not to mention the comfort provided to these very deserving women.”

Under GMP’s eHome program, Green Mountain Power helped the Women’s Shelter weatherize two buildings and install three energy efficient heat pumps, two heat pump water heaters and two RedLink controllable thermostats, saving the organization nearly $2,000 in just four winter months.

“The temperature in our shelters now is much more comfortable and consistent,” said Avaloy Lanning, Executive Director, Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter. “People in the shelter are leaving abusive situations, and so having a place to come to that is both safe and comfortable means a great deal. Now the shelter is air conditioned, which is particularly important for those living on the third floor.”

The Women’s Shelter worked with NeighborWorks of Western Vermont to secure low-interest loans to make the improvements. With the improvements, the Shelter has seen a reduction in its use of fossil fuel and lowered its overall energy bills.

“We are seeing increased demand for eHome and eBiz services from all across the state as more Vermonters take charge of their energy future,” Powell continued. “Lower costs, more comfortable homes in all seasons are possible. We hope more organizations will reach out to learn more.”

The Rutland County Women’s Shelter provides advocacy and shelter for women experiencing domestic and sexual violence. Last year, the Emergency Shelter served 51 women and their children, providing 2,224 bed-nights. The organization also provides legal advocacy, assistance with finding permanent safe housing and short term counseling support.

In addition to the efficiency measures, the Shelter also took advantage of technology and installed RedLink Thermostats, which gives staff the ability to adjust temperature of the buildings from their cell phones.

“It has been really helpful for staff to be able to control the temperature in the buildings when the staff is not actually on-site,” said Lanning. “Our residents are more comfortable and our staff are less stressed.”

Green Mountain Power is offering eHome and efficiency services to its customers as part of its vision to help customers save money, be more comfortable and lower the usage of fossil fuel. To learn more about eHomes visit: