Changes Lives and

Helps Families Thrive.

NeighborWorks® of Western Vermont is a not for profit, 501 (c) (3) housing organization. NWWVT was created by local citizens in 1986 to revive a neighborhood devastated by the closing of Vermont’s largest marble quarry.  NWWVT now provides Vermonters in three counties with education, counseling and access to affordable loans needed to purchase, improve and help keep their homes.


We’re here to give you the tools

for successful home ownership.

The Mission of NWWVT is to strengthen the development of a regional economy by promoting safe, efficient and affordable housing, and community projects through education, technical assistance, and financial services.

Want to save money on home heating--

And have a more comfortable home?

The NeighborWorks H.E.A.T. Squad is here to help! We're your one-stop-shop for Home Energy Improvements that save Rutland County homeowners an average of 375 GALLONS of heating fuel every year! Find out more!


Are you worried about foreclosure?

When it comes to your home, you want to act early. Time is very important! NeighborWorks of Western Vermont is your resource for foreclosure intervention.







NeighborWorks ® of Western Vermont • 110 Marble Street, West Rutland, VT 05777
phone: 802-438-2303 • fax: 802-438-5338 • email: info@nwwvt.org

Rutland West Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. d/b/a

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont license # 6200

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